Join ProjectBook's Alpha Group 2.0

From the 23rd December 2021 (subject to change), we are facilitating a series of ideation and user testing sessions for project managers to preview ProjectBook and join us in interactive test group sessions before our official launch. Sign up to join.

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Our goal is to learn from managers like you, about how you currently plan and manage projects.

What To Expect

It means so much to have our friends and family help us design ProjectBook. It’s a crazy idea that might just work, and our chances of success are greatly improved with your help. Thank you. Our goal is to learn from managers like you, about how they currently plan and manage their projects.

- Do teams have formal plans?
- How are those plans distributed and managed?
- Do teams use project software? The whole team or only the project  manager?
- How is the first draft of tasks collected and distributed?
- How are tasks updated?
- Do teams plan together or does the project manager do the planning  solo?

These are all questions we seek to answer and respond by designing an intuitive process to help jump start the project planning stage.We plan to listen and respond during a two-month testing cycle consisting of 4 workshops and 3 book iterations (each iteration will be based upon your feedback) With each iteration we will add functionality and usability to the books.In the end, the Alpha group will have played a pivotal role in making ProjectBook a useful tool for all project managers worldwide.

What we are asking for:

First and foremost, your honest and direct feedback through this process is greatly appreciated. There is no need to hold back your thoughts or opinions, we need to know quickly if this is a viable idea. We will collect and discuss your feedback/ideas during our Zoom workshops and surveys.

Zoom Workshops will be held on:

o December 23rd
​o January 6th
o January 20th
o Feb 3rd

(subsequent to change)

A 15 min survey  will be sent out 2 days prior to each workshop. In both surveys and workshops we will be listening for quotes to use in our next promotions.

What you will receive in return:

We are investing $100+ into each participant through free books and software. We appreciate you putting each book to the test, hold nothing back. Markup, erase, tear, whatever you need.  And; if you require more, don’t hesitate to ask.

Three ProjectBook iterations will be sent to directly to you for immediate use with your projects. A final commemorative ProjectBook will be given at the end to all who attend at least 3 workshops and complete the surveys. Soon after launch, we plan to develop a Project Management coaching program.

This program will connect eligible project managers to small teams to guide them through a few weeks of simple coaching.  All Alpha group users will be eligible to be a contracted project manager, a great opportunity to make some side hustle cash, as well as a great opportunity to meet new clients.